Orion Grandview Vari-Angle 20-60x80mm Zoom Spotting Scope


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This powerful spotting scope feature a unique adjustable-angle eyepiece that allows you to set the eyepiece at any angle between zero and 90-degrees. Now you can use one spotting scope for multiple applications without the hassle of removing or swapping parts! With its 0-90-degree eyepiece range, the Orion Grandview Vari-Angle 20-60x80mm spotter can quickly switch between straight-through viewing for target practice, 90-degree viewing for observing the Moon and stars, or any angle between 0 and 90-deg for comfortable daytime viewing of the horizon. This flexibility gives the Grandview Vari-Angle spotting scope a big advantage over fixed-orientation spotters, since you get to decide which viewing angle is best for your particular observing needs. What’s more, this high-end instrument also features a rotating tripod socket for even more eyepiece orientation control. This spotting scope’s adjustable 20-60x zoom eyepiece will let you survey wider areas at 20-power with a 1.8-degree field-of-view, and take closer looks at 60-power with a 1.0-degree field. Helpful markings around the eyepiece let you quickly switch between 20x, 30x, 40x, 50x and 60x magnification. With its larger 80mm lens, the Orion Grandview Vari-Angle 20-60x80mm spotter will generally provide brighter and more detailed views, especially during low-light periods like dawn and dusk. The Orion Grandview Vari-Angle 20-60x80mm spotter features fully multicoated optics which transmit the maximum amount of light to the eyepiece for bright, high contrast views. Contrast is further optimized thanks to internal baffle rings and a flat-black interior. A thread-on objective lens cap and friction-fit eyepiece cap keep the spotting scope’s lenses clean, and an included aluminum-clad hard carry case with custom die-cut foam insert keeps the 80mm spotter safe during transport and storage. Weighs 4.4 lbs.

Adjustable-angle spotting scope eyepiece lets you view at any angle between zero and 90-degrees
Big 80mm objective lens provides brighter views in low-light conditions
Zoom in on the action with the adjustable 20-60x continuous zoom eyepiece
Fully multi-coated optics ensure bright views with high contrast
Includes deluxe hard carry case with die-cut foam interior. Weighs 4.4 lbs.


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