theOpticGuru ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser (ABL) w/Bluetooth (1500m)


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What is the point for having the new 4 series ATN device, if the target is too far to shoot at responsibly? Well ABL is your answer. Mount it in minutes, to the front of your ATN Smart sight and turn your scope into any future hunter’s dream. Control the ABL through your sight with a simple one button operation. Once ranged in on your target your POI (Point of Impact) is instantly adjusted and you are ready to make your shot. Just don’t forget to keep those hands steady. Laser Range finder has Laser Class 1 and laser output 3mW

Ranges the target at 1000/1500 yards with unrivalled precision
Connects to ATN day/night/thermal Smart HD Scopes via Bluetooth
Simple and intuitive to use – no need for extra buttons, you can operate it with your scope’s keypad
Feeds the Ballistic Calculator with range data for automated point of impact correction
Range tag is kept in the videos you record with your ATN Smart HD Scope


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